Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Sally the Beagle

I have a Beagle called Sally. Now, Sally is just as cute as can be. She is a tri colour Beagle – tan, what and black and she has the sweetest eyes. Her eyes tell me, “Dad, how can you think I did it – look how innocent I am.”

The truth is that she is naughty. I have a theory about beagles – well I have lots of theories about Beagles, but in this case it is that the collective noun for Beagles is a naughtiness of Beagles. The amazing thing about Beagles is that you only have to have one to have a naughtiness of Beagles.

I don’t really think that sally tries to be naughty; its just she can’t help it. Basically she is a nose on four legs and it is her nose, not her brain that gets her into trouble. Take this afternoon for example. I had left the garage door open for just a little bit and before I knew it sally was out in the bush, sniffing around. Our other dog Felix didn’t go out – no it was only Sally. When I called her back she came with her ears dropping and her tail handing giving me that look. I really can’t be too angry with her.

Sally is a good pal really. One of the things that helps me stay centred is doing for a walk with her through the bush (she is always on a lead). We live amidst the Serpentine National Park and it is truly wonderful to go out walking midst God’s creation. We see kangaroos every day and just yesterday I was fortunate enough to see a rare brush-tailed wallaby.

Anyway Sally is good company for us and she makes us laugh.

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