Tuesday, 4 December 2007

From Singapore

Our time in Singapore has been fascinating. We have been staying in a little hotel in Chinatown with all the sights and experiences that go with that. The hotel itself (Hotel 81) is 4 floors high, with tiny rooms. We don’t have a window and have just enough room to get around the bed. There is some negotiation needed when we are getting changed. The bathroom does not have a separate shower, so everything gets wet when we wash. It is small and poky, but also rather fun. One of the weird things is waking up in the dark and not knowing whether it is morning or night.

As I wrote on an earlier post we have had a good time with Jason and Jenn. Their hospitality has been wonderful – they have really looked after us. On top of that, and more important, they have really wanted to study the Bible. Of course I am very pleased with that because that is the reason that we are here. While at the moment it is only this one couple, I feel confident about the future of the church. Please pray for these two Christians doing all they can to serve. They have many hurdles to overcome, but with the strength of God I believe they will prevail.

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