Monday, 9 June 2008

Things eternal

I was young and I guess a bit stupid.  I had just traded in my Toyota Corolla (very girly) on an MQ Patrol 4X4.  This was the latest thing to come onto the 4 wheel drive world.  It was a must have car for me.  It was red (of course it was red) it was big and it even had colour coded stripes down the side (this was macho!).  

If you have just bought a 4 wheel drive, what are you going to do.  This was not a suburban tractor, no sir.  This rig was built for the big our doors, the wide open spaces. So, the first weekend I had it I took it bush.  Boy, was I feeling great!  Here was I in this brand new Nissan, out in the wild - this is where I was meant to be.  It was the Man form Snowy River meets Mad Max.  I felt tough and rugged.  Why?The Patrol!  what else.  This was the look I needed!

I was driving down this track in this dream world when... BANG!!! 

I had run over a leaf spring from another car, it swung up and put a huge dent in the driver's door - did I say this was BRAND NEW! Talk about macho - I was shedding tears!

Well, the "Man from Snow river" came back with his tail between his legs that day.

Hopefully now I have grown up a bit. All things that are new today will be old tomorrow. We live in a world that is destined to be destroyed.  As we look around us, all things deteriorate.  Shiny things go dull, bright clothes fade, metal rusts, we all get older.

We need to focus on those things that don't grow old, those things that are eternal. We need to focus on the things above, where God is, not on things of this earth.

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