Saturday, 28 June 2008

Without direction

My wife, Anne and I were having dinner in Armadale the other night. We were enjoying each other’s conversations and the atmosphere of the restaurant when our attention was drawn to the group of teenagers who were hanging out in the mall. These kids were not doing anything wrong really, just being a nuisance. They were bored and didn’t have any thing better to do with a Thursday night.

Our conversation turned to the direction society is headed in today. As people have rejected God and his word as a guide in their lives we see more and more people without direction. Where are morals found, where is sympathy and empathy found, where is responsibility to be found if we do not have a guide. To quote the Lord, it is like the blind leading the blind.

Well, as things have a tendency to do the situation outside in the mall escalated. The security guards got involved, then the police and some young people ended up in the back of a police van. What a sad end to what should have been a good night for these young people.

We need to realise that without God we are lost, both here on earth, but more importantly, in eternity. Something to think on.


Jamie said...

Many people are indeed like sheep without a shepherd. Thank you for you sharing your interesting thoughts :)

Keith Thomson said...

We need to follow the Good Shepherd