Saturday, 16 May 2009

Friday 16th May
Allen and I started our day by meeting with the two preachers we met yesterday. One of the other men at the study, Mathias, came along also. They told us they wanted us to study with some people. It turned out that that these people were in the center of the city. On our way there they said that these people would not be available until after 12 o’clock (lunch time). As we had a wait, we turned around to find somewhere to meet and study with these men.

As we were driving along, we were told there were 200 people to study with! All these men had to do was call out “halleluiah, halleluiah” (very strongly) and these people would come out! Well, we decided that this phenomenon would have to wait for another day.

We had a very good study, after which Mathias told us that he had to be baptised. We studied some more with him, in private, and made our way to the river to baptised him. What a joy to serve the Master!

We then had a meeting with a man called Christopher and a group he meets with on a Friday evening. This group asked me to teach them, Christopher had already asked me to teach on the subject, “why are there so many churches?” This went very well and they asked us back next week. We also organised a meeting with the “chairman of this group, Peter. This was a very long day, but a very good one. May the Lord be praised.

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