Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Lord's Day Worship

Sunday 17th May
Worship started as usual at 10 a.m. Before the worship started, Wilson led a couple of songs so the brethren could practice. The Christians here love to sing!

We had a good worship service. I again was asked to teach and preside at the Lord’s table. The building was full. We are going to have to find larger accommodation before long! I was happy to see the two newest converts attending and showing a lot of interest. I taught on what we receive as Christians, and used Peter’s sermon in Acts 2 as my text. This was well received.

Like last week the Christians spent a long time after services talking to one another. Many wanted to speak to Anne and myself, so Allen and the other English speakers were well used in translating.

We had been asked by a brother to help him with services in a town about an hour’s drive away. Of course we said we would be happy to do that, so we arranged that after services in Arusha we would head out and drive to meet this brother.

We had organised a “lunch box” at the apartments, so we came back and got that and hit the road. We were quite a party, Allen, Hossiana, Anne and I – we ate our picnic lunch as we were driving along. On the way we met and picked up another brother who wanted to see how we held services. There was not a lot of room in the little white van! Allen had to sit in the back, which he told us was very comfortable – a lot more room.

We arrived at our destination and met our contact, Ibraham. He then directed us to drive out of town, and a bit further. We left the town boundary and kept going. Each time I asked how much further I was told, “not far”. I am learning that in Africa, all things are relative. We drove through a sugar cane plantation for about ½ an hour and on the other side we finally reached a village. This was not what Anne and I had expected. It turned out that there was not a congregation here, rather the “hope” of a congregation. We were very warmly welcomed by Martin and a number of his friends and had a very good study. Ibraham wants to move out here to teach at a school and preach the gospel. We of course encouraged him to do that. He said he would return next weekend and continue studying with these people. I do think that there will for a congregation there soon.

We arrived back in Arusha after dark, very tired, but happy with how the day went.

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