Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Monday 18th May
Allen and I started the day with a study with our two Pentecostal preacher friends. This study went very well with a lot of questions being asked. We studied in a barbershop with one of the barbers, Leon, being particularly interested. We finished the study and arranged to meet again on Wednesday.

After lunch we were asked to meet with a preacher and some of the leaders of a congregation he works with. We had a very study sitting under some mango trees and these brethren said that they were convince about following scriptural worship and from this Sunday onwards would follow the biblical pattern. We did not contact these people to study with them, Allen and I have been concentrating on our studies in Arusha, but these brethren sought us out, so we had to go to them.

Afterwards we picked up Anne and Hossiana, who had been spending the afternoon together and we all went to meet with Mama Eugene and another lady, Apolonia.

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