Saturday, 5 December 2009

In Dar

I stayed in Dar es Salaam in a budget hotel and Allen said he wasted to stay in an “African” hotel. He had contacted his relatives in Dar, but there was no room for him to stay with them.

As arranged we met early the next morning and had a short Taxi ride to the Department of Home affairs. Allen disappeared to find out where we had to go and came back about ½ and hour latter. In the mean time I was entertained by Abraham the Bishop. This was a “street preacher” who was not a member of any church (but wore a Seven Day Adventist's chair shirt). All those who were sitting around me found him very funny and he was a nice person, even if his doctrine was rather way out.

Allen returned and announced that it was all done! They wanted some of our paper work to “check it out” by their legal team. They would let us know when we could come back - they did not tell us how long. Allen phoned them up later that day and will continue to do so until they are ready for the rest of the paper work. In real terms, a fax and a phone call could have done all that we did, but the personal contact is very important and at least we are making headway - even if it is a bit frustrating.

There was not much left for us to do. I told Allen I wanted to see the ocean and he wanted to see an aunt that lives in the center of the city.

Dar is a big city. It is hot and humid. As we walked around, pretty soon we were dripping with sweat. We saw the sea (the Indian Ocean looking East, back home we look westward over the Indian Ocean) then we bought our bus tickets for the return to Arusha on Friday. We were not going to fly back!

The best thing about the hotel where I was staying was the air conditioner! The worst - well, I will not go into all those. Needless to say I will NOT be staying there next time!

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