Monday, 5 September 2011

Life in Tanzania

Living in Tanzania is an adventure. When you leave the house you never know what is going to happen. It may be simple things like cars hurtling towards you at break neck speed - on the wrong side of the road. It may be that there in no fuel in the country, or some other such trifle. It is a adventure living with extreeme electricity rationing (one day on, one day off). However it is all good fun.

The latest adventure I am involved in is purchasing a vehicle for my work. After advertising on-line, finding a suitable truck, all I have to do now is pay for it - 14.5 million shillings. (btw, want to know how it feels to be a millionaire? I can tell you it is overrated!). Anyway, when I tell you that the largest note here is 10,000 shillings (about $7) you can workout you kind of need a wheel barrow to carry it all. I had wanted to transfer the amount straight from my US bank to the sellers account. He wanted it Tanzanian shillings! That's ok, I just transferred it to my local account. Well that was 7 days ago and we have not seen the money. In a Grisham novel you read of money getting transferred in and out of 10 or so off-sea accounts in a matter of minutes! Note: they never send the money through Tanzania! The good news is that I had a deposit of 4 million into my account - don't know who from, no one knows that account number. May be it is just a gift! (to be fair we know that banking errors happen anywhere - hey! they even happen in Monopoly!

Anyway , I guess that sort of thing is what makes Tanzania the 128th hardest place to do business in the world!

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