Monday, 17 September 2007

One Sunday Morning

On Sunday we had an unexpected visitor into our yard. Up until late on Saturday evening my wife, Anne had been planting some new plants at the front of our house. This is rather exciting as we are just finishing off the house we have built ourselves. So early the next morning I got up and had a look at the wonderful work she had been doing.

The mist was rolling up the valley and the newly risen sun had a halo effect around it, it was truly beautiful! I looked over at the new planting and there; about 15 metres away from me was a kangaroo. Now, we see ‘roos around our house, but not this close, I crept back into the house and quietly called for Anne to come and have a look. By the time she had come the ‘roo was not to be seen. Going around the side of the house I saw it in the yard that we have fenced off for the dogs.

Kangaroos can easily get panicked and I didn’t want an incident with the dogs so I jumped over the fence to quietly encourage the ‘roo to move before the dogs got a whiff of it. I thought it would bolt way from me, but rather all it seemed to want to do was share my cup of tea. Eventually I got it out of the yard, all without the dogs moving an inch from their beds – so much for our wonderful guard dogs.

Anyway, that was an amusing little episode but it reminded me of the beauty of God’s creation. How fortunate we are to witness the power of God each day the sun rises; to see His power in those thing that He has created. Truly our God is great!

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