Sunday, 25 November 2007

Are you standing in the court of the Gentiles or in the Holy Place?

The temple in Jerusalem in Jesus’ time was a magnificent structure. It was really a wonder to behold. It was made up of a series of courts that you had to pass through. The first of these was the court of the Gentiles. Only Jewish people could go beyond this point. The final court was the Holy of Holies which could only be entered by the High Priest, and then only once a year.

When Jesus died on the cross the veil in the temple that closed off the Holy of Holies was miraculously torn in two from top to bottom. God showing all people for all time that the entrance to the real Holy of Holies (heaven) was open to all.

Sadly for many they are still standing outside, in the Court of the Gentiles. We need to grow – we need to mature in our faith, seeking to be close to God. In our walk in Christ we start as babes when we are baptised (Rom 6:3-4), and then we are to mature.

Our children need to develop from babies to adult hood, in the same way we as Christians need to develop, to grow, from babes to full-grown.

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