Saturday, 24 November 2007

First day here in K.L.

We got to the hotel early this morning having been met at the airport by brother Vincent. It was a rather long drive to the hotel from the airport, but it meant that we were able to catch up with Vincent. I was happy to hear about the work that they are continuing to do here in K.L. and also the fledgling work in Singapore. It is really good to be working with people who are so dedicated to serving the Lord in the way that He has set down in His Word the Bible.

We had a quiet morning – just getting our feet in a new country and everything. It is interesting that while we are only 5 hours flying time away from Perth there are so many differences. We went for a walk around the neighbourhood and were festinated by the many wondrous sights and smells (you have to be a bit broadminded about some of the smells).

People having breakfast in stall right next to the local mechanic working on a Proton car - Malaysian shopkeeper girls sitting on a wall giggling during their break - A man resting on some waste ground hear the river under a lean-to shelter he has made out of some plastic sheeting someone has thrown away.
All things very different from what we see as normal for us, but all very every day for the people here.

It is a very big world filled with God’s people. We all need to remember the Great Commission.

I was able to sit down quietly today and spend some time studying. A brother is coming later in the afternoon to take me to a study and then in the evening we are starting our short meeting here. We are going to be four meeting (2 Saturday nights and 2 Lord’s Day mornings) on the topic of Promoting Spiritual Growth. I am really looking forward to it.

A view from our hotel room looing towards the city centre.


Jamie said...

Good to hear that it's all going well. I will continue to pray for good things to come from your meeting and with the work there in KL and in Singapore. I also hope that other people will figure out how to comment on this so you can get some feedback lol.

btw this is such a good idea so that people can be kept up to date

Keith Thomson said...

No worries Jamie,

Thanks for the comment. Come back each day and there will be a new post.


Keith Thomson said...
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