Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Monday 26th

We had a day in mostly today.  it was a study day form me, getting ready for the day long study on Tuesday.  I have a aim to get through the entire history of the Old Testament.  Of course this is not going to be in fine detail - but rather looking at the main characters in a way that is easy to memorize.
Pretty exhausted by 3 p.m. so we did a mindless activity - getting on the bus and going to a large shopping mall.   Had a snack there and I bought Anne a bag for her b'day.  While I don't really like shopping it was a good distraction.
We went with a lovely lady to eat a "Steamboat" meal in the evening.  This is a meal you cook yourself at the table in a heated bowl of water.  You boil and eat the ingredients and then have some soup. - All lot of fun .

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