Saturday, 8 December 2007

First day back in KL

After our looonnnggg train journey we had a quiet morning when we were able to rest and recover a bit.  In the afternoon I had a study with 2 boys who had said they wanted to be baptised.  I was very impressed by Jason and Joel.  we had a great study and they showed a very good understanding of the necessity of baptism.  The brethren organised the baptisms for Saturday morning.
We had the Study at a country club which was different but very nice.  While we were there, after the study the boys had a game of badminton.  While we were waiting, the sister looking after us suggested foot reflexology.  So, we had a hour long sessions of foot massage.  The idea is that there are pressure points on your foot that relate to all different parts of you body.  I can tell you there were some sore spots!

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