Friday, 7 December 2007

From Singapore to KL

Our last day in Singapore was a wet one and wee were not able to do all that we wanted to, but it didn't dampen our spirits :-) We took Jason and Jenn out to dinner on the last night and they were very restained about what they wanted us to try. Nothing unusual for the main (no century eggs of green worms!) They left that for desert. I had to try the Herbal jelly.
As you can see it was black and bitter, but I am told it is VERY good for you!
J and J took us to breakfast the next morning before we had to get onto the train for KL at 8.40.  That started a 15 hour journey that overseas travel is made of.  
It all started out just fine until the train had a forced stop.  The rains had bee falling for 2 days solid and washed away the ballast from under the rains.  This provided a dangerous situation for the train and had to be repaired before we could cross.  We waited 3 hours at the Kulang station.  
After that we were on our way with the driver determined to make up some lost time.  That was until we had to stop about 2 hours south of KL at Remau. It seems thieves stole the clips to hold the rails in place over a 1 km stretch of track.  This of course was even more dangerous that before and after the engineer had surveyed the track it was decided that it could not be repaired.  So we had to get a bus to from there to K.L.  This time we had a 4 hour wait.
While the wait was long, we were not uncomfortable.  They kept the air con going on the train and the people we all very friendly and we had quite a few laughs about our predicament.  A few of us we even having plans to have breakfast together in the morning!
Finally the bus arrived and we were on our way again, getting into KL Central station about 11.15 pm.  Jackson was their waiting for us, for which we were very grateful and he took us to our hotel.  We were pretty tired, but doing ok.

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