Saturday, 19 January 2008

In hot water

Life here is a little different and generally everything takes quiet a bit longer. For instance to go outside you have to dress yourself in several extra layers finishing off with extra socks and warm boots. This can be just to pop down to the shops for a few minutes.

One of the interesting aspects of the flat in which we are staying in is the hot water system. It is an instantaneous unit that is not really working right. Before you have hot water, say to wash dishes or have a shower, you have to start running the hot water. You then light the pilot light and then you may throw the leaver that lets the gas go through. You don’t want to get too close at this point as the flames shoot out of the opening a ways. You are then ready to use your hot water. The important thing it to remember not to turn the hot water off at the tap when you are finished. To do so would cause extreme pressure in the system that would blow a pipe casing a water leak that would run straight into the flat beneath. You need to reverse the above process, once the gas is out you may then turn the hot water tap off. It’s a good idea to make sure you are well awake before you shower!

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