Saturday, 19 January 2008

About to Leave Tula

Our time here in Tula is just about up. We are to have services with the brethren tomorrow and then we catch the train to Moscow (approx. 3 hours) then another train to Penza (13 hours, over night). You can see there is quite a lot of travel to do tomorrow.

We went to visit one of the brethren today, Nora. She lives in a flat the other side of town. She lives in a bed sit with shared bathroom and kitchen with the other people on her floor. To our western eyes it all looked rather austere but she is happy there and she says that she had good people in the building. Nora works as an assistant to elderly people in the community, getting them food and medicine when they need it and helping them get to the doctor. She is a very kind and gentle woman and I am sure this Christian lady is a great encouragement to all she comes in contact with.

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