Friday, 18 January 2008

Russian Weather

I am often asked about the weather over here, about how cold it is and how are we managing. Well, when we got here everyone was saying that it was warm. Now it didn’t feel too warm to me, 0C is cold where I come from. However they had been having temperatures of -30C! So I guess it is just a matter of relativity.

Right now it has been staying around -4 to -5C, which is a pretty good temperature. When it was around 0C everything started to melt and get muddy, then it would freeze up again and get very slick. At the present temperature, sure it’s a bit cold, but not too cold – Jamie even commented that he could manage without his gloves on and not feel cold!

Anyway we are managing OK with the cold, we all have good cold weather cloths and manage to stay warm in the flat/apartment we are staying in.

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