Monday, 28 January 2008

The work continues

It has been difficult to continue with regular enteries on the blog becasue of a very slow dial up servcie in penza. However the work of the Lord coninues very well.

We have been meeting each night and the bretrehn continue to come. On wednesday night my son, Jamie taught a lesson on Enoch and walking with God. This was very well recieved by the brethren. The last time that they saw Jamie he was a small boy and they are excited to see him as a grown young man with a strong interest in the Lord's work. A number of the ladies claimed him as their "son" and did al they could to spoil him. He, of course lapped it all up.

It's a wonderful thing traveling around and meeting with Christians from other parts of the world. Although there may be a lot of differences, that which brings us together is far stronger - we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. Our backgrounds, our families, our language is nothing compared to the tie that is Christ.

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