Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Wednesday in Penza

We are all settling down to some sort of routine here in the flat. We have 4 men together and we are trying to not let things get like a bachelor pad!

We have been spending the morning getting ourselves ready and in private study. At 12 noon we have been doing a joint Bible study for an hour, and then in the afternoon we are able to get out for some fresh air. Today we are being taken out for an excursion into the center of the city to visit some museums.

We are having services search evening and it is encouraging seeing so many Christians come out to attend them. Getting around here is not easy, often meaning you have to wait a long time in the cold for a bus. When you get on the bus there is often not enough seating so you have to stand. On top of that the busses are not heated, so it is not too comfortable. Still the brethren come – it shows their deep and abiding love of the Lord.

I would like to thank those brethren that are continuing to pray for us and our work.


Anonymous said...

Hello Keith, Jamie and Mike,
Your work sounds fascinating. Nice to read that you are recovering from the hot humid weather of Malaysia. :-) It is encouraging to learn of the dedication of Russian Christians and guys like yourselves. It is also good to learn of good folks like Boris and Nora who are the foundation of the truth in there local community. I encourage you to continue this blog and talk Mike into starting his own. Blogs are the journals of our time and Christian teaching can benefit greatly thru their use. In Christ Don Davis

Keith Thomson said...

Thanks Don, I really appriciate your comment.