Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The work in Penza

This is my seventh trip to help out with the work in Penza and we were given a very warm welcome. The people here are very dear to my heart and truly show what Christianity is all about.

While we are here they have decided to meet each night to study the Bible. This is very encouraging to me and shows why I like to come here. We have services at 6.15 p.m. with prayers and a lesson. After services are over we join in singing several songs. The brethren want to learn new songs, so we are doing our best to teach them. I, perhaps foolishly, asked them to choose any song and we would learn it and then teach it to them tomorrow. Mike thinks we need to pray for some miracle (ha!)

Mike and I are taking it turn about to do the teaching. I am teaching a services on Promoting Spiritual Growth and Mike started off tonight with a lesson on the plan of redemption throughout the ages. The brethren are very interested and show very good concentration

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