Thursday, 22 May 2008

There are a lot of distraction in the world today and it can be hard to keep your mind centered on serving the Lord.  It seems we have so many things we have to to - so many important things.  Really we have to decide which are the important things and which are the essential things.

It is important to work and provide for our families.  But, it is essential to serve the Lord.

It may be important to keep the house clean, but it is essential to speak to the Lord in prayer.

It might be important to finish of that assignment or report, but it is essential to read the word of God.

Yes, there are important things in this life, but there are essential things we need to be doing to receive eternal life - think about it

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes things seem really important, but Jesus says few are important, really only one. Lets choose the right path.