Sunday, 28 September 2008

Arusha, Tanzania

A hot gusty wind carried the dust and smoke across the small group sitting on the piles of newly milled timber. No one seemed to notice the dirt or the smell of the rubbish burning. All were intent on one thing; the study of God’s Holy Word.

Allen and I had been asked to come back to this dirty dusty industrial estate by a small group of women we had spoken to the day before. We were speaking to these 4 women and the group was growing as passers by stopped and began listening to the gospel preached. We soon had 10 to 12 people gathered around, listening and asking questions about Christ and His gospel.

When people ask me why I travel to preach the gospel I answer by telling them about times like these. There still are many places it the world where people want to hear God’s word and this is the reason I have travelled to Arusha in Northern Tanzania.

I had been in Arusha in March for 8 days with Jerry Cutter and the brethren there asked me to come back and assist them in the work. I am planning on staying here for 4 weeks, helping where I can.

Allen, the preacher here, is a good man and a hard worker. He enjoys speaking to people about the gospel and as a result he gets many studies going. This study we had was as a result of Allen wanting to call on a past student. The conversation led to a study and an invitation to come back. We have been asked to study with them again on Monday afternoon as well.

It is my plan to keep the blog up to date with the trip, so please call by regualarly.


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