Tuesday, 30 September 2008

A Busy time

Life has settled down into a busy routine here in Arusha. Allen and I spend most of the day in studies and visiting people. An example of our busy schedule is yesterday.

We went to visit a man Allen had studied with previously and as we talked with this others gathered around and started asking Bible questions. This led to lively discussions and two further studies tomorrow with new people. We then went on to another part of town to a study we had scheduled. This was the third study we had with these people and during it one of the men we had been studying with and who had worshipped with us yesterday said he wanted to be baptised. We continued to study about life as a Christian and then went off to conduct the baptism.

George said he had been put off for many years by the different and opposing teaching of the denominations he had been to, and was happy to hear the pure teaching of the Bible. We went to the Thime River, which flows through Arusha and Allen baptised him. What a wonderful thing to witness the new birth of another soul.

Immediately after the baptism we went to another study with 5 women. Again this went very well and we were again asked to come back tomorrow and teach them. We finished the day very tried but happy to be able to serve the Lord.

It is truly uplifting to meet with people who really want to hear the gospel. Please pray for this work.

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