Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Baptised into Christ.

As the time draws nearer to me leaving Arusha we only had one study today. This was with a man called Valance. We had met him in March when Jerry and I came here and we studied with him then. I had wanted to get together with him, but was unable to until this familiar looking man came up to speak to me at a restaurant on Friday night. It was Valance. He came to worship services on Sunday and asked us to come and study with him.

Our study went very well with Valance remembering a lot of what we had studied last time. We came to a point when he said, I am ready, I want to be baptised!” We studied so more and… “that very hour he was baptised”.

I think valance will be a really good asset for the church. He wants to learn and he wants to take an active part in the church. Please pray for this new babe in Christ.


BJ said...

How awesome! I will keep Valance in my prayers.

Keith Thomson said...

Thanks for that BJ, I will pass it on to Valance