Sunday, 26 October 2008

On my way home.

The majesty of Mount Kilimanjaro was behind us as we drove up to Kilimanjaro International airport. I was starting the long trip home that involves over-nighting in Nairobi, then on to Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur and finally Perth. But that is still all to come.

As is my habit I was early for the flight, very early! It seemed I was the only traveller there, and would have to wait a long time for the flight to leave. Not that I am concerned about that.

While I was at an international airport, I was still in Africa. There was the usual baggage scanner and metal detector, but everyone was siting down and taking it easy. I asked them if I was too early, but was told, “It’s ok, just put your bag on”. I set off the metal detector, but that didn’t change their attitude, or indeed their posture. “Just take off all them metal items.” I got through and they still were resting – they knew that it would get busy later. This is Africa and life is for living, this is the land where they say, “hakuna matata” – no worries.

This has been such a good trip. It has been a real joy working with Allen Mkita, a fine young preacher who loves the Lord, so much. It has been a privilege to get to know the brethren in Arusha. This church may be small at present, but there is a great future for the work in this part of the world. I also have made some great friends in the many people we have studied with, I am going to miss them.

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