Sunday, 5 October 2008


Our time here is starting to take on a certain character. We have several ongoing studies. These are with the same core people but others who are interested come in and others, less interested leave. We normally start off the studies with a subject that I introduce and we work through the relevant passage. We then finish with questions. I am really pleased with the insightful questions these people are asking.

We also are meeting new people all the time. One of these is a leader in the community, Shadrach. We meet him on the street and he asked us to come to his house latter to study the bible with him. When the appointed time came he had gathered his family around him and we studies the Bible. Shadrach was showing great interest and was taking copious notes though out the study. When the time came he also had great questions.
These are wonderful people we are meeting. They invite us into their houses and show a great deal of hospitality. More impressive than that, they really want to hear God Holy Word.

More later.


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