Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Lord's Day Service

We had a really good service on Sunday. Even though we are only a few, the singing is good and the brethren really enjoy the worship. George, the man we baptised on Monday brought a friend and a lady from the apartments where I am staying came for the second time!

We meet in a little schoolroom, that while it is not very big is easy to get to. Even I can explain to people where to go to worship. This is a big advantage over the last place where they were meeting in.
I taught on the need to grow spiritually and how we go about it. This church is very young, but I can see the brethren really care about the gospel. I am sure there will be good growth here, in number, but also in spirit.

On of the leaders here, Shaaban came with two of his boys. He obviously was very sick, but still he wanted to be at the worship service on the Lord’s Day. After services I drove him home, as he live a long distance form the church building.

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