Friday, 31 July 2009

Week one – in OKC

Well here we are in Glen and Reba’s house just south of Oklahoma City. We have had a very busy week but are very happy with how it all went. We arrived in OKC on Monday evening after a LONG flight. It was comfortable though, we even got bumped up to Premium Economy on the flight from Sydney to San Francisco – very nice! The focus of this week was really to get back on our feet. I have read that it take one day to get over each time change you go through – we went through 13! So, we are still waking up very early but managing to keep going most of the day. They had me speak at Whispering Pines (where Glen and Reba go) on Wednesday, and that went well.

We have been able to spend time with Jerry and Linda and discuss things with them on a couple of occasion. They send their love and I gave them Caleb’s message. We went out to lunch with them and while Anne went shopping with Linda, Jerry and I talked about the future of the Tanzanian work.

Yesterday I spoke at both services at Whispering Pines. Anne and I then got into Glen’s truck and rushed north to get to the 21st Street congregation where I was to speak at their 6.00 p.m. service. Anne drove and I rested a bit. We made it in good time and we had a good service. Afterwards they asked us to stop back and give a report on Tanzania. I have prepared a PowerPoint and I used that. It was very well received. I feel very positive about how things are going.

At Glen and Reba’s

As always it is a busy time staying with Glen and Reba. They have an open house and people are coming and going at all hours of the day and night. It is a lot of fun though. Both Glen and Reba are enjoying being grandparents and dote over their “grandbabies”. Audi (right) is “the cutest baby in the world” - officially!

We had fun yesterday when, with a house full of guests for lunch after services, the water gave out. No dish washing, no toilet flushing, no hand washing – what fun. We just got it fixed this morning when the technician came and found a bug had been fried between the contacts so 2 minutes and $75 later we had water!

Well, best go and get my shower now and get on with the day. We are going to the Sulphur meeting this week so that should be fun. Bye!

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