Friday, 31 July 2009

4th July Meetings

This has been a very busy week for us, but an exciting one. We went to the big meetings at Sulphur, Oklahoma and Springfield, Missouri. It was so edifying to be among so many Christians in fellowship and worship.
The Sulphur meeting was a good bit smaller than Springfield and was held in, what they call, the tabernacle. An open air build, on the same block as the church building, that was built many years ago for the 4th July meeting. We were there on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, before many people arrived. I spoke on Tuesday and was well received. The brethren here are very interested in the work in Tanzania. Sulphur is about and hour and a half from Glen and Reba’s place so we drove each night. They had not yet started the morning meetings
On Thursday borrowed Glen’s truck and drove to Springfield, Missouri. It was about a 4-hour trip and we arrived just before the meeting in the evening. Mike Criswell had been asked to hold the meeting and did a great job.
They held the meeting in a big auditorium and when we got there most people had already sat down, but there was still a lot of room for more. The singing was wonderful and they had four preachers speak. Mike had me down to speak in the morning. I can tell you, it is something to get up to speak before more than 500 brethren. It went well and I spoke on Philip and the Ethiopian and how we have our own Philip in Allen Mkita. So many people came up to me asking about the Tanzania work. They are really excited about it here.
Anne, Jamie and I stayed at the home of Kendal and Nicole Cook, a great Christian couple who opened their home, not only to us but also to about 10 young men! Jamie joined these guys in what they called the “man cave” (the basement).
On final night of the meeting there were nearly 900 Christians gathered, not bad as this was the first time the brethren have held that meeting in Springfield. Being part of such a large group of Christians was wonderful and the singing was…unbelievable!
On Saturday we left Springfield to go to Kansas City to stay with Mike, Beth and Brooks. We had a good evening together in their lovely house and then early in the morning, Anne and I left for Columbia MO, about 2 hours way. They had me speak on both of their services and then give a report on the Tanzanian work. The had a business meeting immediately after my report and came back and said they wanted to be involved in the work and to let them know what was needed. This is a wonderful congregation that made us feel very welcome and truly have a love of the Lord’s work, where it is.
Back in Kansas City, they had Jamie speak in the morning and Mike tells me he did a great job. When Anne and I got back at about 7.00 p.m. Jamie, Brooks and Brooks’ cousin, Elizabeth, were out visiting and didn’t get back ‘till late.
Our prays are continually with you all. While we are busy we miss you all. Please continue to pray for us and the work.

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