Friday, 31 July 2009

Kansas City, Missouri

Well, we have had another very busy week. We have been spending the week in Kansas City, Missouri with Mike Criswell. His wife Beth has been travelling on business, so we have not seen much of her, but we have been enjoying our time with Mike and Brooks.We have been to a number of studies that Mike has organised and we went to a great museum, the Steamboat Arabia, which went down with a whole “department store” of a cargo 150 years ago.
Mike had a houseful with Elizabeth Battey staying there until Thursday, then a friend of hers who came for the last 2 nights. A young preacher, Clint De France was over one night and then Mike’s youngest sister and her family stayed over on their way through Missouri. People here sure know a lot about hospitality!
I spoke on Wednesday night at Mike’s home congregation here in Kansas City. They are a great bunch of people and we had a good service. They were very interested in the Tanzanian work and even though I did not speak much on the situation there – just mentioned it. I am very hopeful about the prospects of raising the funds we need.
Jamie came up with us to Missouri (we drove Glen’s truck up here and we have picked up Mike’s mini van from here on) and he drove back to Oklahoma on Thursday. He and Brooks had a great time together with the other kids. He is going to be in OKC (Oklahoma City) until he leaves on the 19th (I think). This is a better time for him to be here as his friends are all out of college now for their summer break – he is able to spend more time with them. Talking about summer, this is the first time we have been here at this time of the year and it is beautiful.

Lord’s day
This Lord’s Day we were at Ozark which is about a 3 hour drive south of Kansas city – an easy one though. The congregation at Ozark is one of the congregations that have been supporting me since I went full time again. They are the ones that pay for my Malaysian/Singapore trips, they also have helped out with Tanzania. They are wonderful people and it was wonderful to be worshipping with them once again. We stayed with Wayne and Donna Towe. Wayne is one of the main leaders here and they have a wonderful house in the country.
We had very good worship services and in the evening many came from neighbouring Springfield to be with us.
On Monday Anne went with Nicole Cook to Laura Ingles Wilder’s house and I went with Smith Bibens to look at 2nd hand book shops. I don’t think we could have got Jim out of there. Well, take care of yourselves. Keith

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