Friday, 31 July 2009

Another good week

We had another good week in Missouri. We stayed with Mike and Beth when we got back from Ozark and had an enjoyable time getting to know Beth and other members of Mike’s family. On Wednesday night we went down to Springfield to the Mission Hills congregation. This was the congregation that put on the 4th July meeting and it was great to see them in their “normal” setting without all the worry of the meeting behind everything. It was good to be with a congregation that obviously enjoyed being together and working together for the Lord. We have seen this a lot over here, but with the meeting as evidence of their work, it was interesting. We drove down in the afternoon and drove back in the evening after services, a 3 hour each way journey, but the road are great and we didn’t want to have yet another move!A number of people came over to Mission Hills to hear me and meet with us. Their friendly reception was wonderful and a great encouragement. We have some wonderful brethren here and some really good friends.
I can encourage you enough, save up your pennies and plan to come over for a visit. It might take a while to save up the airfare, but believe me, it will be worth it.
Mission Hills was the last place were were to be in Missouri and then it was back to Oklahoma.

After our time in Missouri we have 2 weeks in Oklahoma. Our first meeting was in Tulsa. We headed down there on Friday afternoon about 12.30 and went to the Baker’s house, where we were staying. Randal and Shawn are a great couple with two wonderful children who showed us great hospitality. The meeting went really well with a lot of people coming to the Friday and Saturday night services. In fact said that both nights were record attendances. Brethren came from neighbouring congregations and even from Missouri, we even have our “groupies” who have been following us around.
They organised a supper on Saturday night. It was was really nice enjoying a meal outside chatting with all the brethren. This time of year there are very long evenings. We also had a meal after services on Sunday, those ladies sure worked hard. After lunch the brethren asked me to give my report on Tanzania. Even though they are small, the brethren in Tulsa are supporting a new work in Benin, West Africa. There are a lot of similarities between the work there and Tanzania. We then had the afternoon service. It was hard work after such good food and it being warm and all. We got through and had a good service.
We left Tulsa after services and made our way back to Oklahoma City. It was really good to be “home” again with Glen and Reba.

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