Thursday, 20 August 2009


Well, another week has flown past. It is hard to believe that we have been away two months already, the time is going past so fast. One of the things that is most difficult is being away from your family - your spiritual family. Thanks to those who have kept us up to date with the goings on there, it has really helped us.
We left Tyler on Sunday afternoon, after their afternoon service. We had intended to have a leisurely drive to Arkansas, stopping after a few hours driving, it did not turn out that way. I phoned Doug and Debbie Edwards to see if we could have lunch with them the next day - we ended up driving till 11.30 and stayed with them.
This last week we took a needed rest. Anne and I still had to get over our illnesses. We spent the week with Glen and Reba Osburn in a little town called Eureka Springs in Arkansas. Glen and Reba were there last for their honeymoon 35 years ago, so it was a great thing for them to go back. We spent the days getting up late, thinking about where we would eat breakfast, looking at the sights and then thinking about eating again. There were a lot of laughs with the Osburns and a lot of good discussions. It was just what we needed!
Eureka Springs is a beautiful place in the Ozark mountains. We enjoyed the historic town and Anne and Reba enjoyed the shopping. I enjoyed walking around Leatherwoods Lake.
Eureka Springs has a Passion Play depicting the last week of the Lord’s life. We went there on the last day we were in town and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was performed out of doors and had a big amphitheatre for seating. It could have been a bit “cheesie” but the story took over and it was wonderful. We left Glen and Reba on Friday, and it was hard. We had a LONG breakfast and then we realised that we could have lunch together on the road as we each went our separate ways. We have spent a lot of time with them and we will not see them again this trip. It was hard to say good bye to them after lunch.

Worship in Kansas City

We worshipped this last Sunday at the congregation where Mike and Beth Criswell attend. We had been there before when we were in Missouri, but had only worshipped there on a Wednesday evening. I was asked to speak at both of their services.
The brethren organised a lunch at the church building, and like so many other places the ladies out did themselves. There was so much good food, how could one decide. The church building there is an older one with a basement. They use the entire basement for their lunches. After lunch the brethren organised a short service and had me give my report on Tanzania together with my PowerPoint. Once again this was well received with a lot of questions asked and positive comments given.
In the U.S., just like at home, they have a really hard time finding people who are willing to listen to the gospel and study the Bible. The brethren are so excited to hear about the manner in which the gospel is being accepted in Tanzania.
God bless you all. Keith and Anne

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