Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Off to Texas

This has been a rough week for us with both of us being sick. I was taken to the Dr. on Tuesday and am on a course of antibiotics and Anne had to go to the Doctor on Saturday and was diagnosed with bronchitis - she too had to go on antibiotics. Not all that much fun, hey. However, the Lord has been with us and we have been able to do all the things we had to do.
This was the last time we were to be in Oklahoma on this trip. It was a little sad, but exciting to move on to another leg of our trip. We said good bye, for now, to Glen and Reba and headed south for Texas. Were were in Arlington, Forth Worth for the Wednesday night service where I spoke. The congregation at Arlington are the brethren who support Jerry in Malawi, so it was interesting to speak to them about the Tanzanian work. We stayed with Reba’s mother, Dorothy Short and really enjoyed the time we got to see her.
While we were in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we were fortunate enough to be able to see Duane and Laurie Permenter who are over from Zambia and Bill and Daisy Davis who are home from Mozambique. We had lunch together and were able to talk a long time about Africa.
While we were in Fort Worth, Anne and I took time out to visit the Botanical gardens. They have a very nice Japanese Garden and although it was rather hot and humid, it was very peaceful and relaxing.

Tyler Texas - the Rose capital of the world!

We had the privilege of holding a weekend meeting in Tyler. Anne and I had not been there for twenty year, when we visited when Jamie was a baby. The church then was only very new and now they are looking to appoint elders - very exciting. The brethren there are very friendly and very hospitable. We ate far too much there, as at each service there was a meal, either before or after. The services went very well - the singing was particularly beautiful, with strong singers in all the four parts.
We stayed with Glen and Rebecca Ballard - a wonderful couple who love the Lord and his work so much. Glen is a very capable preacher of the gospel and he also teaches school. Both Anne and I enjoyed being with these Christians very much.

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