Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A New Birth

This Sunday in Arusha was another wonderful day. Not only did we worship with the brethren, but two new souls were added to the church.

The day started well when Allen received a call from a man we had studied with quite a bit. He had also been coming to church a lot. Charles wanted to tell Allen that both he and his wife wanted to be baptised for the forgiveness of their sins that day. What a way to start!

We had a wonderful service. I am sure the singing get better and better every week. The brethren asked me to teach again and I taught on the “new birth”. It is so encouraging seeing the very good attention the brethren show. You can really tell how much the brethren want to learn the Word.

After services we headed to the river. I took 2 car loads of people - a lot wanted to witness this baptism and the rest rode on a mini bus (or Dala dala, as the are called here). As we were waiting or Allen and the rest of the brethren to arrive to rain started - lightly at first, but then a full blown tropical down pour. We only had the lee of a shed to stand under. We were all lined up standing on a wall to keep out of the rain. It really looked like we were ALL going to get fully wet.

After about ½ hour the rain stopped and we were able to cross the river and head up to the baptism spot. By the time we got there, the character of the river had changed completely! While is was running fairly well, it was now a chocolate brown roaring torrent!

I tried to tell Allen that perhaps it be better to station men down stream so there would not be any accidents but he wouldn’t hear of it. In he went right is and baptised both Charles and his wife Mary. Afterwards we had a prayer and I had a few words. I told them them that their faith was an example to all. It would have been easy for them to say the they did not want to be baptised that day, but they were totally unhesitant!

We are so thankful to have witnessed the New Birth of these two wonderful people. God is so gracious.

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