Saturday, 9 May 2009

"Arise and be baptised"

Friday 8th May
The water was flowing fast and brown. The course of the Theme River had changed since I was last there, the recent heavy rains had seen to that. We were looking for the spot we had found last year; we were looking for the baptism spot.

Our day had started early with a study organised by one of the brothers here, Wilson. He had phoned up Allen and asked us to come and study with his friend and work mate, Daniel. We held our study at their work, with Wilson seeing to Daniel’s duties while we studied. It was a very good study and at the end of it, Daniel announced that he needed to be baptised. I left Allen to make the necessary plans.

It was decided that we would not wait. The baptism was to be done right away, Wilson would cover for Daniel in his absence. I then realised that Daniel was completely ready for his baptism; he even had other clothes under his uniform. I asked about this and was told that Wilson had been studying a lot with him and he just wanted to wait to see me before he was baptised. It pleased me more that I can say to know that others are doing the work also. Allen is a wonderful worker for the Lord, but to know that he has a fellow work in the field in Wilson is very encouraging.

We made our way to the Theme River and after a while we found the pool where we had baptised before. The rock wall that someone had made was washed away, but the water was still deep enough there to immerse Daniel. We rejoiced with the angels in heaven as we welcomed our new brother Daniel.

Daniel wanted us to show him the building we worship in before he went back to work. He announced that he would ask his employer to have each Sunday off and if need be, he would take a cut in salary. Wilson had really studied with him well and we have a new brother with a deep faith.

After that great beginning the day continued well. We had further studies that went well and were asked back at each place. In different areas it can be difficult to find people willing to listen to the Word of God, but here people really want to know what the Bible has to say.

Invariably the questions come around to baptism. They want to know if baptism is with “much water” or “little water”. The Lutheran church is the largest church here and the people really want to know about the practice of sprinkling and how that fits with what the Bible teaches. They are very interested to hear that the word “baptism” means immersion and fascinated to read of the accounts of baptism and how, each time it required “much water”.

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