Sunday, 10 May 2009

Car trouble

Saturday 9th May,

Today was a bit of a wash out, in more ways than one.  Anne and I had got out early to do some shopping before I met Allen.  We were driving down the road in the rain when the car started to make some funny noises.  Eventually it stopped, the engine running, but no gears.  Fortunately I was able to roll it backwards into a car park and there we had to leave it.  We contacted the owner of the car and he came and took it to be repaired.  He said we could have another car while the first was being fixed.  All of this took us up until lunch; Allen was with me by this time.  After lunch we headed out in the new car.  It was running so rough I just turned around and brought it back.  I didn’t want to be stopped in the middle of nowhere again.  The owner was contacted once again and as Allen and I went about our work on foot, he came with a mechanic to repair it.  When I returned to the apartment the owner offered me a third car.  Hopefully this one will not let us down. 

This is the first problem we have had on this trip so far, and really it was not a big one.  It stopped us doing all we wanted to do, but that was all.

In the evening we went to Allen and Hossiana’s house for a meal.  Hossiana had gone to a lot of trouble and everything was very nice.  We had a very nice evening, good food and good company with good brethren.

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