Sunday, 10 May 2009

Lord's Day Service

Sunday 10th May
Church was at 10 a.m. this morning. We arrived early and there were already many brethren there. I was happy to see Daniel there (the man who was baptised on Friday) as well as a number of other Christians I had not seen yet on this visit. They were all very happy to see Anne and everyone wanted to shake her hand and ask her how she was.
The brethren meet in a small schoolroom. There is not much space, but it is in a good location that is easy to find. When all were there it was fairly cosy!

Worship started at 10 sharp with Bro. Wilson leading the singing and he did a very good job. I have noticed that the singing has really improved since I was last here with everyone singing from their hearts. The brethren listened very well to my sermon with a lot of nodding of heads at the correct places. When we finished the brethren hung around for a long time, talking with one another and obviously enjoying each other’s company.

After worship, Allen took us to meet with a lady I studied with last year, who comes to church as often as she can. She sent her children today but was working herself. She works at a hospital and was very happy to see us. We arranged a study with her for Tuesday after her work.

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Jamie said...

I'm happy that things are working so well - apart from cars (what can I say? Should have gone Maserati) and I'm very proud of the work you are doing.