Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Monday 11th May
We went this morning with Wilson to study with another of his friends, unfortunately he was not around, but we organised to come back tomorrow and study with the family. We took the opportunity to study with Daniel (who was baptised on Friday). We had a good study on the need for spiritual growth. We had lunch at the apartment with Allen and Wilson and afterwards, Allen and I went out to find a source of good Bibles at a reasonable price. We found the Scripture Mission, Norwegian mission that imports Bibles and on sells them. We bought 8 Bibles. They were able to recommend a good printer for us, so that was our next stop to get some prices for printing booklets.

Our first study for the afternoon was called off because the lady had to stay up all night with a sick friend – she was very tired, so we went visiting our old friends. Went to see Mama Eugene, who we studied with last year and organised to go back to study next Monday. We then went to visit one of Allen’s friends.

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good blog bro, it'll take all my internet time to read all this God inspired stuff, keep up Gods work and thanks for the inspiration we receive from hearing about Gods will for mankind. God bless you and your family and your congregation.