Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Tuesday 12th May
We started with the follow up study that Wilson had organised. His friend was not there, but we studied with 3 ladies and an old man. It turned out that the ladies were of the Muslim faith and at the end of the study they said they wanted to become Christians, but we worried that they would be divorced by their husbands. This is a very real and serious problem for them. We promised to study with them again and may be with their husbands.
We then picked up Hossiana and went to our old friend Shadrack’s place for a study and lunch (Anne could not come as she was working very hard on her University essay). We had a great study, they had invited a number of their neighbours and there were a lot of questions, a lot of discussions and a lot of laughter. We stay there for 2 hours!

Our next appointment was in a little village about 20 minutes out of town. We were meeting there with another of Allen’s friends. It is a very nice looking area and we had a very good study

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