Friday, 8 May 2009

Arusha, Tanzania

Thursday 7th May
The internet at the apartments is not working so in an effort to make contact with the outside world, Anne and I went in search of an internet cafĂ©. The first one that we came to wouldn’t work, it could have had something to do with the flood damage they had suffered due to the torrential rains we had last night. We eventually found one that worked but it was soooo slow! We made contact, wrote letters and felt good about that.

Today was the start of our studies. We had a three studies planned and true to what I found last year, as we studied more people would come along and we organised more studies with these new people.

The first place we were at was in a family home. This was a very good study that went from 11 a.m. until about 1.15 p.m. when we had to stop because we had our next study. No lunch for us today (Anne was spending the morning with Hossiana and they had organised lunch for us, but had to go on by themselves).

We then studied with three new ladies who asked us to come back and study with them again tomorrow. The people we meet really want to know what the Word of God says and love to study.

Our next study was with Eugene, whom we had studied with last year. Eugene has attended church on a number of occasions and he is a good Bible student. He has a street stall selling fruit and vegetables. When he isn’t selling he is reading his Bible. We studied at his stall and after a little while we had quite a crowd gathered. People just pass by, hear we are talking about the Bible and sit down to listen. Pretty soon they are asking questions. Once again we had organised new studies with new people from this study. It is not hard to find people who want to hear God’s word here.
Allen and I parted late in the afternoon to rest up before we again start tomorrow.

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