Thursday, 7 May 2009

Arusha, Tanzania

Wednesday 6th May
Allen came over this morning and we both worked on planning for this trip - our goals and how to achieve them. Afterwards we went out into the town to organise things, banking and getting a SIM card for my phone. With the technology that is available today it is so much easier to keep in touch. As an example, I texted Jamie and I shortly had an answer from thousands of miles away – it still blows my mind! We may be in Africa, but don’t think we are backwards here in terms of technology – here the mobile phone rules!

After lunch Allen and I went visiting our contacts and arranging studies for tomorrow and beyond. The people that we visited gave me such a warm welcome and told me that I had to bring Anne along to meet them. One family suggested that I take them to see where we met on Friday so that on Sunday they would know where we meet and how long it would take, so that on Sunday they could defiantly be there. Allen and I arranged studies for tomorrow so it looks like we are going to be busy – which is why we came.

When Allen and I had finished Anne and I went shopping at the Shopright supermarket. While there is not everything we can get at home, there is a good selection and Anne was able to get what she needed and got some ideas about how she could adjust her menu to suit what is available.

The traffic here is something to behold. I drove today and almost everywhere there were heaps of cars, bussed, Dala dalas (mini buses), motor bikes and bicycles. There are rules of the road here, but… well they seem to be more like suggestions rather than laws. Most people don’t stress themselves by following them. The type of driving you need to practice is “defensive driving” with a good bit of aggression thrown in (if you didn’t you would never be able to enter the traffic). While it all seems like madness to start with, it works. You don’t see many accidents and people get where they need to go. Prayer also works well!

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Jamie said...

What type of car do you have this time? A Maserati? :D